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RP Wish List: Characters Most Wanted!

* Hannibal
-reasons: Dexter loves polite company, good food (boy can he eat) and darker delights. They could be excellent friends. Love gen or romance or that blurry line between.
* Will
-reasons: Dexter loves fishing, though dogs especially hate him, so lulz. Also curious of what Will's empathy would react like in Dexter's presence. Gen/romance, blurry space between.
* Abigail Hobbs
-reasons: He's already raising two serial killer kids, and has quite the fathering instinct for misfit children. Would want, in his own strange way, to help her. Gen, might be talked into accidental awkward romance (wouldn't even be the first time he was with a younger girl, so...)

* Brian
-reasons: because the Tv verse and Book verse? SO different. OMG. All the misunderstandings and terrible/amazing reactions to those differences. Also just because Brain is awesome. Gen/Shippy all good.
* Deb
-reasons: Same as above, in all respects~


-reasons: Demonic possession is kind of a cannon thing for Dexter >_>. Interesting implications.
-reasons: Same as above.