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Log [Dexter and Hannibal]

WHO: Hannibal Lecter (NBC's Hannibal) and Dexter Morgan (Dexter Novels)
WHAT: Hannibal gets sent to Miami as a consultant and decides to kick back and relax with some mocking copycat murders. Dexter catches wind of him.
WHERE: Miami
WARNINGS: Probably mentions of cannibalism, murder, serial killers, etc...

To almost everyone who worked busily at Miami's Police Department, this day was as normal as any other. There were fresh murders to investigate, there was awful coffee in the employee area in back, and as per usual Dexter had brought a box of donuts to work in order to placate the simple minds of his co-workers. Serial killers were not kind enough to bring everyone donuts, you see.

But to Dexter Morgan, today was a very strange day indeed. There were files the inbox, which sat in his own little office; this is par for the course for most days. But then diligent Dexter noticed something a touch peculiar. The victim in his file was something more than a drunken jealous murder by amateurs; this body was interesting...

There were drilled holes in the bones, for one. It wasn't random torture, though. Dexter had in fact seen these exact drill marks before, from a killer who used to string his victims up like marionettes.

Problem being, Dexter had already murdered that guy and dumped his dissected carcass into the ocean. So it was extremely unlikely that the same man had done this. Of course, he couldn't exactly share this information with anyone, so Dexter had to let the detectives chase thier tails on this, not that it really bothered him.

What did bother him though, were the subtle little differences in the body...

So it was that with a stack of glossy photos Dexter vacated his office in favor of sitting somewhere with apt table space. His search led to a conference room that was currently open for use (and by some fantastic coincidence, it was also the room that housed his half empty box of delicious donuts), so Dexter strolled in, whistling brightly as he dropped the photos on the lacquered table.

Now, about those differences...

Dexter sorted the shots for easy comparison, using both the photos of one of Pupito's (the marionette killer) victims as well as photos of his apparent new victim. Minutes flaked away in the air conditioned room with Dexter carefully looking between the shots of each victim. For one thing... whomever this copycat was, he had a much better sense of how the human body worked than Pupito did. The drill-holes were placed in slightly better positions on the body, if the end goal was moving it around like a puppet. The tools used were of higher quality too, cutting cleanly into the bone, while the previous victim showed more signs of trauma round the drill holes.

For a moment, Dexter cannot help but wonder what kind of drill was used. He could always go for buying some new toys... a slightly dreamy smile touched his face-- though it was stained dark, and not at all like a smile should look. But in barely a moment the look is gone, and Dexter replaces his Happy Worker mask with ease. He remembered that there was a new consultant on staff, on loan from the Baltimore sect of the FBI. He supposed he ought to politely introduce himself and put out some feelers; it wasn't too long ago he'd been caught in the cross-hairs of an FBI agent's suspicions. Though if he wanted to fake optimism, Dexter could always guess the new hire was due to the staggering number of unsolved murders cropping up as of late.

And yes, Dexter could have solved a good portion of them. He simply chose not to, still on the coattails of his terrible love affair with internet fame. The calls for interviews and appearances had slowed to a trickle, and with any luck, they'd be gone completely in a week or two. Reporters can have dreadfully short attention spans with so many murders flying about. Hopefully everyone would forget about the handsome lab geek that could solve crimes with his killer mind. Old news is old news, right?

A careful talon pokes Dexter's shoulder, and a cold whisper breaths against his ear.

'What?' Dexter wonders, glancing first back to the photos, and then towards the doorway.

Had someone snuck in for a donut while he'd been mulling this over?
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Miami is a comfortable change of pace for Hannibal, allowing him to leave behind the niggling discomfort of unfamiliar emotion. He's allowed himself to get too close to Will Graham; some distance can only be therapeutic. Will has been a fascinating experiment, but the twinge he felt seeing Will behind bars is both unwelcome and unworthy.

It took little effort to plant the idea in Jack Crawford's ear over the course of conversations and shared meals. Jack could certainly understand why Hannibal needed some distance from his friend and his sense of failure in guarding Will's sanity. Better that Jack see it that way.

Hannibal has made use of his time in Miami, taking over a beach house that makes every sunrise a pleasure, visiting a tailor who has already supplemented his wardrobe with patterned linen suits and lightweight casual shirts that doubtless cost more than some of Miami's finest's annual incomes. He doesn't fit in visually in the police department, which suits him perfectly. Is there anything more satisfying than hiding in plain sight?

Yes, as it turns out, there is something more satisfying, and that is to walk into a conference room to see Miami's forensic wunderkind poring over photos of Hannibal's work.

He schools his expression into proper concern rather than show his honest amusement. "Dexter Morgan, is it?"

He lets himself be pulled in by the photographs, scanning them with a critical eye. "Am I interrupting?"
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"Yes," he says in agreement to Dexter's guess. "Our reputations precede us, it would seem."

He's not sure what to think of Dexter and trying to caution himself against taking on a new pet project so soon after Will, but maybe a distraction is just what the doctor ordered. He'll think on it, but maybe he'll just amuse himself copycatting for a while.

"And I have time." He takes the invitation to come to the table, tilting his head to give himself a straight on view of his work. How long until the bits of missing muscle were noticed? He'd harvested carefully, taking it in ways that might look logical for someone trying to make the puppet dance more lithely - after all, what artist doesn't want to improve his work with time? And his copying would be more obvious if it had been identical to past cases.

"This is the puppeteer's work I've been reading about?" He pulls a photo closer, silently critiquing the photographer's work rather than his own.
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"It sounds as though our Mr. Prime has other people who would want to see him dead." Of course Hannibal's reason for killing Mr. Prime has everything to do with his attempt to sell Hannibal a forged Goya still life. He had wanted those golden bream for years, seeing them as a marvelous addition to his kitchen, but Prime couldn't even be bothered to ensure that they bream weren't publicly displayed elsewhere before trying to pawn off a forgery.

He pulls another photograph out of line; this one of the late Ms. Stanford and sets it parallel to that of Prime.

"Is your killer evolving?" he asks, setting a finger on the picture of the woman, indicating the almost indelicate holes left in her bone, then leans in to use his other hand to indicate a similar drill hole on Prime. "Acquiring better tools and honing his aesthetic?"
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"Recent experience tells me that I cannot discount the idea of a copycat." He allows a certain amount of sorrow slip into his tone. After all, he has lost both a friend and a daughter figure to a copycat as far as the public eye is concerned. He would be cold indeed if he didn't express some measure of emotion for those losses.

"However--" He pauses as he rearranges the photos into an easy chronology, from the first, roughest work to the last, polished puppet. "--it does stretch the law of averages that I would share a city with another one so soon after leaving Baltimore." Unless, of course, he were the common denominator, but why would anyone suspect him when the real copycat is safely behind bars in the BSHCI? Throwing up a victim's ear is somewhat more than circumstantial evidence.

"Do we have the chaos of human intervention - the eternal monkey wrench in the cosmic works - or just the evolution of a killer?"
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While the interruption is annoying, Hannibal swivels to glance at Deborah Morgan with barely a mild twitch of his lips to indicate his displeasure with her. She has all the subtlety of cutting butter with a chainsaw, but she was a police officer, and even the unsubtle ones could surprise with their ability to read expression.

Fortunately for her, he prefers to kill law enforcement personnel only when absolutely necessary, no matter how rude they might be. They just take it so personally.

Besides, his ire doesn't hold when she offers such an intriguing tidbit about Dexter, much to Dexter's apparent chagrin. Speaking of stretching the bounds of coincidence - has he really stumbled upon another man with Will's gifts? Doubtful. Will's perception is a synthesis of his intellect, his neurodivergence, his empathy, and his imagination.

What Hannibal sees in Dexter so far doesn't bring Will to mind. So... what is he seeing?

Only one way to find out. He folds his hands in front of himself, cocks his head, smiles ever so faintly and murmurs, "Of course not. I am not here to interfere, but I do hope you'll allow me to observe."
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Hannibal's thoughts of Will resurface when Dexter first closes his eyes. Is a pendulum swinging in the man's imagination?

No, but something is happening. Hannibal is, to all external appearances, merely politely interested and waiting, but internally he has eyes only for the tableau in front of him and most specifically for Dexter. He sees Dexter's human mask slip a little, offering only a tantalizing hint that there's something beneath, but that hint tells him that dear Mr. Morgan is much more interesting than he'd initially thought.

He makes a note to find out where Dexter lives.

Particularly when the man finally homes in on the detail that really matters. All this from some pressure from his sister and a few minutes of an almost meditative re-examination of the photos?

He maintains his polite silence until Deborah includes him in the discussion, then he takes up the photo and examines, mentally critiquing its artistic composition rather than searching for some detail he'd missed before. It's actually quite lovely in its precision and he enjoys it for its gory whimsy, but he wears a neutral mask when he looks away from it to Deborah. "I think that your brother is correct that there is tissue missing. Based on what I have seen of the other crime scene photographs, it's possible that the flesh was taken in the interest of improving movement, but it's also possible that your perpetrator is now taking trophies."

Or ingredients...