Jun. 4th, 2016

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 Dexter Morgan
Authentic Sociopath, Professional Serial Killer 

          Contact Information

Email: dexter.morganthebloodguy@secureservemail.com
Phone Number: (666) 267 2306

          Applicable Skills
  • Extremely proficient with use of noose/lasso for intimidation, cooperation induction, and sadistic torture
  • Capable of extreme creativity within torture technique; performs efficiently with simple cost efficient tools 
  • Capable of adapting to new innovative tools; always eager to try new things and learn new techniques
  • Extremely skilled with a variety of blades for torture as well as dismemberment and clean up
  • Comfortable working within vastly different time frames; a torture session/murder can be done in minutes or hours
  • Able to work well with like-minded individuals/experienced in joint torture technique with a partner 
  • Above average computer knowledge; proficient in word processing, power-point, and basic level hacking
  • Extremely patient and thorough researcher; accustomed to studying his victims through surveillance and illegal computer searches
          Unique Talents/Qualifications
  • Clean and Orderly: leaves a very clean kill room. The only evidence of his play-dates are a few white trash-bags
  • Genuine Sadist: takes severe pleasure from inflicting pain on others; especially enjoys cutting victims into little pieces. 
  •  Double Demon Deal:  possessed by a son of Moloch since age three; they remained joined together post-mortum. 
  • Authentic Sociopath: Has no real emotion or moral compass
  • Extremely Discrete: Committed  60+ murders without ever being discovered


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(Book!verse) Dexter Morgan

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