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About The Mun

AGE: 28

Other than RPing? I really love writing, and am so very slowly composing a novel. I love video gaming (Bioshock, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and the like) as well as reading. I enjoy TV in smaller installments as well. I also do a little fortune telling (tarot cards, past lives) and enjoy building crystal grids. Oh, and I also do fan-art, but I'm not the greatest artist in the world.


My post length tends to run a little on the long side. I can do anything from a few short paragraphs to a page, depending on what the story calls for, and how creative I am feeling. I try not to go on forever, but as I mentioned I really genuinely enjoy writing, so I do get carried away now and then.

I don't expect my post length to be matched by any means. I'm pretty flexible and can do shorter turns as well, depending on Things and Stuff.


SLOW TO VARIANT. To give you a rough idea, my paper delivery job works like this:

MONDAYS: 11 papers to deliver (usually light)
TUESDAYS: 11 papers to deliver (usually light)
WEDNESDAYS: 45 papers to deliver (usually VERY heavy)
THURSDAYS: 110 papers to deliver (usually medium weight)
FRIDAYS: 45 papers to deliver (usually medium weight)
SATURDAYS: 11 papers to deliver (usually light)

Obviously weather/paper weight effects how much energy I have left for RP. This stuff, mixed in with counselling/doctors appointments for my illness, errands every other friday, sharing the computer, and normal life stuff like hanging out with friends and my wife, can make me not so fast of an RPer.

I will also point out that I can whip back short turns, while longer turns usually mean a longer wait. I just get more nervous about long tags because they have to be perfect okay shhhh.


I run two characters @ [community profile] littlehades:

Dexter Morgan (Dexter Novels, Jeff Lindsay) @ [personal profile] darkly_dreaming
Erik (Phantom Novel, Susan Kay) @ [profile] not_mephitopheles
Elizabeth DeWitt (Bioshock Infinite: BaS) @ [personal profile] once_janus

Generally, I choose the order of how I answer my turns by who has the lowest Activity Point count. Then, I answer all the tags for that character only. Once that is finished, I move onto the other character.


* Descriptive Prose
* Character Introspective
* Detail Orientated
* Character Relationship Building


* Spelling. I have spell check but occasionally I reply on my Xbox 360, which has none. I always do my best to look it over, but it is a weak point of mine. I sometimes need to edit my posts a lot because I've missed something. Also sometimes I just don't fucking know english. Even I look at my own writing at times and just go... wut the actual hell.

* Post Speed

* TL;DR. I can go on for a while if the creativity strikes ^^;

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