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💀 Player Information
Name: M.J
Age: 27
Contact: Pm this journal please :)
Characters In-game: None thus far!~

💀 Character Information
Name: Dexter Morgan
Canon: The Dexter Novels, by Jeff Lindsay
Canon Point: Post Dexter is Dead
Age: Roughly late thirties I think

To begin, the only explicit description of Dexter's appearance in the books is that he has blue eyes, and is very good-looking. Further through the books we get a few more details, such as his athletic build coupled with a small bit of pudge around his belly (because his second favorite thing to do is eat and his first favorite thing is murder) and he also has an assortment of scars from his misadventures. They include faint burn scars on his legs below the knees, a subtle swath of healed fire-ant bites down his back, and a few soft slice marks across his arms.

I also borrow from the TV-verse version of Dexter, because his appearance in the books his largely left to imagination and also because icons are a thing I like. So, he's got tanned skin that makes his subtle scars show a little more. He's a little tall and a little stocky; he likes to dress in a way that downplays his strength and athleticism. Funny colorful shirts lower people's guard.

Brown hair with faint auburn highlights. Strong jaw. Slightly curved, devious looking eyebrows.

Physical changes: Occasional flickering shadow-wings from Dark Passenger. Made of darkness, non-functional. Only see them flicker in an out of existence once in a while, when Dark Passenger stirs.


The books vary from the show in the way that Dark Passenger is more than just the evil in Dexter's mind. He's legit a demon! A son of Moloch, actually, of whom Dark Passenger has an instinctive fear, presumably because Moloch can destroy him.

But being possessed by a demon comes with a few perks! When Dark Passenger takes the wheel, Dexter gets a few interesting abilities...

{*} Natural Sneak: The shadows seem to thicken around Dexter in the dark, making him difficult to see. He often thinks of it as 'becoming one with the darkness', but he doesn't actually disappear or anything.

{*} Sharpened senses: Smell and sound become very sharp when DP is steering, going beyond normal human levels of perception. He couldn't hear a pin drop down the street-- I would say his senses would be somewhat similar to that of a dog.

{*} Darkness Sensing: On occation, if he's really paying attention, Dexter can see or sense the evil in another person. His cannon implies that this 'darkness' is usually a demon possessing someone, but I think this sense would be pretty wonky in hell anway because oh look everyone is a demon!

{*} Superior Strength: Dexter also gets stronger when DP is active. Not really super human... but he can lift up a grown man by a noose in one hand. Something like an extended adrenaline rush.

{*} Occasional psychic hotline: no I'm actually being totally serious. Dexter has dreams of the kills his brother was doing (while he was doing them) and actually tried to sleepwalk to him. They share a strange intangible connection to one another. Dexter has had usual information crop up in other dreams once or twice in the books later, but it was nothing he could really distinguish. More like vauge dream warnings you don't get until shit already went down.

History: I couldn't find a condesnced history of the whole series, unfortunately. I had to go book by book. If this is unacceptable in any way please let me know and I will do as needed to correct this section :)

Darkly Dreaming In which Dexter hunts a killer who is secretly his brother, and evetually kinds him when he has Dexter's foster sister under a knife! Thankfully, family can be very understanding.
Dearly Devoted Dexter In which Dexter is almost killed by a psychopath, and accidentally proposes to his girlfriend.
Dexter in The Dark In which Dexter learns about Dark Passenger's origins, and that demons suck. So does fire.
Dexter by Design In which Dexter goes on his honeymoon in Paris, and accidentally kills some non-murderers. Oops.
Dexter is Delicious in which Dexter has his daughter and acts like a total knob for the whole book. Also Cannibals, and Brian comes back!
Double Dexter In which in Dexter gets internet famous for his ability to think like a killer and solve cases! Also an online troll tries to mess with his life by revealing his secrets. This does not end well.
Dexter's Final Cut in which Dexter discovers he loves the luxury and spotlight of being famous. Also, he gets pinned for two murders he actually did not commit!
Dexter is Dead in which some epic brother bonding happens... and he dies. What it's in the title it's not a spoiler. The article says it's left open but... he's bleeding out and sinking into the ocean-- he might survive, but I'd say it's also reasonable that he's pretty fricken dead.

Hell Status: Hell Newbie

What Brings Them To Hell: Those 60+ people he tortured, killed, and chopped up into little pieces probably had something to do with it. How about that he cheated on his wife with a movie star? Oh, or that he never tried to stop his brother from killing innocent people? He was willing to give up his kids when he went to jail? He endured a lap-dance from two strippers once? That he honestly considered killing his sister? I could probably keep going but I think this is all gold for the prosecution.

The Pitch:

Submitted for your attention and (hopeful!) approval, please consider Dexter's Murder Resume

Setting Fit: I would LOVE to see Dexter as one of the people who get to inflict punishments. He's such a sadist, he pretty much gets off on torturing people, so I think it would be a good fit. I'm totally cool having him do other things though, if this isn't a possibility. Maybe a butcher, since he's so proficient at chopping up a body.


Sample One: a thread featuring Dexter
Sample Two: an opener set in-game

(( I did ask in the FAQ if my current samples would be sufficient, but I'm super excited to get this posted, so I thought I would sling it up with the note that I would be more than happy to write additional samples if the mods require more to determain my qualifications for the game :) ))

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