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Crossing Lines-- Dexter/NBC's Hannibal RP

WHO: Dexter Morgan (BOOK!VERSE post Dexter is Delicious), Will Graham (CANNON POINT HERE), Later: Hannibal Lecter (Cannon point here)
WHEN: Set roughly during the hunt for The Shrike
WHERE: Minnesota, various locations
WARNINGS: Likely? Murder's gunna pop up somewhere.

Rita's death hit Dexter in ways he did not expect; he'd never had any illusions of truly caring for the woman-- true he preferred her alive; the children were naturally fond of her and she was a fantastic cook (one of Dexter's favourite traits) which lead Dexter to appreciate her life. It was a pity that she was gone, and while Dexter himself was seldom capable of real sadness, he could see the sorrow of his children as well as feel a kind of lingering disappointment. The kitchen didn't feel right without the scents and sounds of Rita's bustling cooking, and Astor and Cody drifted the sunny bright halls like pale sombre ghosts.

It had been Deborah that suggested a change of scenery-- that they might all feel better if they got out of that house. Dexter had barely conceded the merit of the thought when the job offer came. The title of Special Forensic Consultant came with a nice pay bump, which Dexter found hard to refuse considering the three little mouths he was now solely responsible for feeding. The thought of working for the FBI brought a small devilish grin to his face-- considering the Florida FBI had been sniffing around him for far too long now. Getting out from under that scrutiny was just one more reason that moving to Minnesota made sense.

Things fell together nicely; Brian helped them move, which the children seemed to enjoy. They secured a cozy place, enrolled the children in school and extracurriculars, and found a babysitter for Lilly Anne. Things were nicely smooth by the time Dexter came strolling into his new work space, friendly smile placed perfectly, box of fancy doughnuts in hand. He smiled and offered one to the secretary at the front desk, as well as any other person who caught his friendly gaze.

The man's fashion sense was still overly Miami-- his bright loud rayon shirt decorated with grinning sharp toothed sharks, swirling waves, and waving palm leaves. It might have seemed odd, and maybe Dexter needed to tweak his mask, but his strange shirts were just one more carefully selected part of his persona. People saw the colors and marked him 'lab geek' before looking too closely-- noting his extremely athletic form and killer's logic. Besides, how could someone be evil wearing such cheery, colorful clothing?

It was about time to get down to work, so armed with a half empty doughnut box Dexter made his way towards the offices he had been instructed to, wondering quietly if he'd be lucky enough to get his own office again. Easier to look at things he wasn't supposed to with no one over his shoulder.

Turning the corner, Dexter spotted a somewhat grim looking man, with dark brunette hair and darker frames for his glasses, seemingly engrossed in the contents of a splayed manilla folder. His imitation of friendliness was flawless-- it had only taken all his life to perfect.

"Good morning citizen; working hard, or hardly working?" his smile brightened as he offered the box to the stranger and flipped open the lid. "Isn't it too early to be working without at least one good sugar rush?" Dexter slipped into the chair across the table, discretely peeking at the glossy photos and written reports splayed about. Hopefully something interesting... he grew so bored of the messy mundane slashers with no real vision.

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